Talent Sourcing

Having the right team is necessary for you to execute a project successfully. When a business enters a new phase of maturity, it is important to add new staff who are just right for the job. Talent sourcing is a service that adds required talent to your current team on an on-demand basis. This allows you to quickly find the right fit for temporary or hard-to-fill positions and, in turn, boosts the efficiency and scalability of your project. Talent sourcing is a highly targeted and specialized process, wherein you source requirements from a third party.

Your newly extended staff can assist your local team by attending regular meetings and reporting directly to your managers, offering your business a competitive advantage. Panini Technolabs offers the professional acumen and flexibility your business needs to complete projects on time with its talent sourcing services.

Panini Technolabs provides solutions to your talent sourcing requirements for various kinds of simple or complex projects like prototyping, full-scale web development, mobile application development, testing, etc. Our talent sourcing services are a reliable and cost-effective way for you to hire global premium talent that specializes in different technologies and solutions, helping increase the productivity of your internal development teams in minimal time.

Panini Technolabs uses powerful software platforms, technologies, and tools to deliver cutting-edge talent sourcing services to businesses. Our systematic and flexible talent sourcing methodology ensures that you hire only the right candidates for your projects at the right time.

With our talent sourcing services, you can access certified project managers, business analysts, architects, software developers, etc. Gain critical skill sets for your projects and benefit from the delivery expertise with Panini Technolabs. We are a top mobile app development company in Mumbai and also a brilliant web developer in Mumbai.

We decode the complexity of on-demand IT recruitment for you with our talent sourcing services. Leverage the flexibility offered by information technology and digital by recruiting passionate, talented, and focused workforce from all over the world with our staffing solutions.

Need Evaluation:

We start by evaluating the exact number of people you need for your projects and create a blueprint of talent sourcing services with all your business objectives.

Candidate Screening:

Based on the job description, we make a pool of talented, passionate, and certified on-demand employees for your project needs.

Candidate Filtering:

Based on your specific requirements and OKRs, we filter the candidates for final selection.

Staff Deployment:

Based on your approvals, we deploy the selected employees by setting up the 'work from home' system for them.

HR Documentation:

We handle the documentation process associated with onboarding the employees as per the business protocols.

Post-Recruitment Support:

Post the recruitment, we offer you post-recruitment services to ensure that your project and business needs are met.


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